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We are an independent record label based in United Kingdom. We have a team of experienced music representatives, whose sole purpose is to guide, build and develop our artists so that they may be successful in the music industry, reaching far beyond their own goals and expectations. Camelot Records provides the right platforms of guidance and advice in our Artist Development and as well as Music Production.

We are in contact regularly with Producers, Heads of music at several radio stations, major and independent as well having established contacts with several top music channels such as MTV.

Camelot will offer to support all of the Artist’s needs, which could involve such things as plugging, music distribution, marketing strategies for single/album release, video production as well as Press & PR. We are a full service label, dedicated to production, promotion and national retail distribution. Camelot plays fair and so would only offer fair, honourable and solid contracts with the welfare of our Artist being our top priority.

We do not specialise in a particular genre and so are always interested in new talent. We therefore welcome submissions from artists playing all types of music.

If you are an Artist, looking for direction, support & development, interested in being part of our Camelot team, and sitting with us around our Camelot table then please get in touch. We are here to support Britain and its independent artist’s against the mighty Saxons of the music industry.

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